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COvid-19 response plan

 We're facing an unprecedented challenge, but it's important that we use all of New Mexico's resources to take care of our friends, families, and neighbors. That's why I drafted a 5-point plan to help New Mexicans get back on their feet. 


The plan includes student loan forgiveness for medical workers, compensation to families of health care workers who pass away due to the virus, a tax credit for service employees, the establishment of a utility arrearages fund, and the establishment of a regional task force of officials from New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico. 


Why I’m 


Growing up in southern Doña Ana County, I’ve experienced first-hand the highs and low of living in the borderland. I also know all too often our voices aren’t heard by those in power. 

The 31st District is unique in the state because it’s a crossroads between two states and two countries. This situation comes with challenges -- but it also comes with opportunities. 

The residents of this district need an advocate in Santa Fe who understands the nuances of our communities. We need someone who will leverage the district’s advantages into good jobs; someone who will forge relationships with leaders in El Paso; someone who will balance economic development with protecting our communities and our lands. And we deserve someone who is willing to serve as a full-time champion for the residents of this district. 

I’m proud to come from a family of civil servants. My parents worked for the city of Las Cruces for over 20 years. My grandfather served as the postmaster for Anthony. For us, public service was a calling -- a call to help those who needed it in whatever capacity we could. 

It’s in that spirit of service that I’ve decided to seek public office for the first time. I want to serve as the district’s top advocate so that I can help the people in my community -- my friends, my neighbors, my family -- so they’re no longer left behind.

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